Placing orders

Ursulle’s offer is rich and diverse in every aspect. In turn, the form of purchase of the dreamed wedding dress is multi-faceted and it depends only on the client which of them she will decide on.

Because Ursulle is characterized by a compromise of choices, tastes and preferences, it means that the client placing an order for a wedding dress has the opportunity to choose the details of the dress from a wide range of offer available in the exhibition part of atelier and documented in the Ursulle’s catalogs as well.
Therefore, focusing on individuality and above-average offer, Ursulle provides its clients a range of facilities and options for placing an order. Certainly every client will find something for themselves here.

Variant No. 1

Tailoring a dress according to an individual order = Joint design

The future bride can place an order on sewing a wedding dress dedicated especially for her. In this case, the customer has the opportunity to fulfill her intimate dream in accordance with her own idea of the dress. It means that with our professional help, the brides can co-design this unique dream dress. Therefore, there is no problem to link the corset from one dress with a skirt from another. Adding to this project the fabrics from another dress and decorations from the other one, a mixture is formed, which personifies the taste of the Bride in a thorough way. However, if the Customer comes to the atelier with a clear vision of the dress, which is not currently in Ursulle’s offer, then during a direct meeting, after determining the necessary details, she has the opportunity to place an order for sewing a wedding dress according to her own expectations.

Variant No. 2

Choosing a dress from models offered in Ursulle’s original catalogues.

If the client had the opportunity to visit us personally or follow our fanpage on Facebook or Instagram, it means that she has got acquainted with a part of our products. This is important because sometimes it turns out that the model of the dress, which once "caught an eye" of the client, is not available in the exhibition part of Ursulle atelier. There is no reason to worry, because there are original catalogues of Ursulle’s wedding dresses in our atelier. In these catalogues customers can find a dress that has previously "stolen" their hearts or choose a model which she has not had the opportunity to become familiar with.

Variant No. 3

Choosing a dress from models offered and available in Ursulle atelier.

After entering Ursulle atelier, the future bride can see dozens of original patterns of dresses displayed in the exhibition part of the atelier. Therefore, she can easily place an order from our exhibition without waiting for its needlework. Maybe a small correction will be needed to fit the dress to the figure, but because Ursulle is a designer and producer of dresses itself, this service is included in our offer.

Always remember to take a wide look when looking for a dress - your perfect dress can be displayed in the middle row, so you will not see it straight away. Bear in mind that the place of display does not categorise the quality of the dress - each wedding dress is designed with the same love, attention and precision. .”

Bear in mind that an appropriate model of a dress suited to a specific person may also emphasize the beauty of the Client or mask what she is not proud of or what she wants to hide. Therefore, we highly recommend placing an individual order for sewing a dress or choosing an appropriate model of a dress available in the exhibition part of our Atelier.

What’s more - when collecting a dress, the customer can choose a veil matching the dress, also designed by Ursulle, and appropriate hair decoration.

However, this is not all what we can offer.

For those women who prefer to cover their arms, Ursulle also offers stoles, coats, feather covers and much more.

If something is missing in Ursulle's offer, it can always be sewn in accordance with the individual wish of the client..

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