History of our mark

Ursulle bridal salon is an independent atelier founded by Urszula Gapińska, a wedding fashion designer who comes from Włocławek (in Poland). The brand has been on the market since 1979 and over the years has become a symbol of high-class tailoring and quality.

The beginnings were innocent but full of dreams and commitment. Ursulle won the hearts of women-mothers and their daughters offering communion dresses, which enjoyed great interest at that time. In time, sweet girls began to return to Ursulle, but this time with orders for wedding dresses. The style proposed by Ursulle took the sensitivity of the clients with a storm. In this way, a place was born in Włocławek offering an individual approach to the client and a unique, wide range of solutions.

Currently, Ursulle atelier being a direct producer, is an ideal place where every woman can realize her idea of a dream wedding dress. Here, the dresses are designed and sewn. Here, every customer is sure that the purchased product is "fresh from under the needle".

Ursulle is one of the few who can pride themselves on the fact that successive generations of women are dressed by our atelier. We feel privileged when the client whose mother, aunt, sister, mother-in-law and other woman at home vowed in the wedding dress designed by Ursulle. It is a joy that the client who wore Ursulle's dress a few decades earlier brings a woman of the next generation, who also decides to trust us by cooperating with us. All this in order to come together through the moment of choosing and preparing a wedding creation that will remain in the memory of the Bride and ours forever.

We are very proud that the professionalism which Ursulle approaches each bride with has gained so many supporters.

"You have to fall in love with a wedding dress - just like with your future husband, only this way you can be sure that it is the only and proper one" - Ursulle
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