Undoubtedly, Ursulle is a unique place. Over the years, Atelier has developed a model of cooperation with customers, which allows you to create a dress for every figure. The client who decides to cooperate with us invites Ursulle to her life for a short but very important moment. It shows this moment is valuable for both sides.

The Ursulle’s aim is to fulfill the dreams of brides about wedding dresses, who compose one, perfectly fitted, perfect whole with their owner on this special day. As every woman is unique and each of them has qualities worth emphasizing, the wedding dress should emphasize this uniqueness, reflect the character and temperament of the Bride. Therefore, the individualization of the client's needs is the basis for choosing the shape of a dress, fabrics, its color or shade, decorations and accessories which Ursulle has been focusing on in a special way since its beginnings.

An unconventional and personalized approach to the client is what distinguishes Ursulle's designs, which are unusual and original. Accuracy and precision of creation are the motto that accompanies Ursulle from the very beginning. In the designed dress, everything must match together perfectly, from the corset to the smallest bead. That’s why Ursulle has started cooperation with companies offering fabrics and decorations of the highest quality. Atlas, lace, satin, tulle, muslin and other materials as well as crystals, pearls and sequins are imported from various corners of Europe in order to make you feel satisfied and elegant.

It should be emphasized that the Ursulle’s offer includes only original designs of wedding dresses..

We do not offer products of other brands, because we successfully create our own Polish brand. Wedding dresses are our passion, and working with them is incedibly fascinating.

However, this does not mean that the customer can not come to us with her own project of a dream wedding dress. On the contrary. In our thresholds, we are happy to welcome those ladies who have already concrete ideas about their image.

The author’s collections of Ursulle include classic and traditional designs as well as innovative, bold and original ones. They include romantic and elegant "princess" dresses, sensual "fish" dresses, a timeless classic of "A-letter" dresses and models that escape stereotypes and constitute original designs whose line - based on a unique cut designed by us - emphasizes feminine qualities. Thus, Ursulle projects not only create their own and unique style, but also perfectly fit into the global fashion trends of the wedding.

The company's mission is based on a perfectly designed and made product that, in relation to the various tastes of recipients, perfectly fits in the needs of the market. Each dress is a result of many hours of precise "hand made" work so valued in the fashion environment as well as recognized by critics. The comfort of the dress and the way it is finished are also important. This is what the Bride usually knows in a tangible way during the wedding without realizing how important it is to get to know this aspect at the stage of choosing a dress.

Ursulle is a reliable and proven service provider. Ursulle means desingns that meet with wide interest.

Ursulle is a company focused on the client and her expectations.

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